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Katona József Theter wanted to reconnect with a younger audience. They wanted to be seen as up to date and relevant.
A whole theater worked together with the creative team to make this happen. In 8 hours, a news story was chosen, a play was written based on it, set was built, costumes were designed, the play was directed and rehearsed, then it was recorded. Then, a one- minute video was produced and uploaded to the news site.
One play was produced every day for 2 full weeks, based on the hottest news story of the day. The news story was chosen from Hungary’s biggest news site, a one-minute play was produced based on it, and the video of the mini play was uploaded next to the news article at the end of the day.
Every 7th person in the country knows the campaign. The videos received over 300,000 views during the twoo weeks of the campaign.